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  1. Is this plaster painting? It looks like it.

    No. Our products are made of ceramic, not plaster.

    Being ceramic means they are made of a different material, and have been kiln fired. Plaster can often break or chip easily, have air bubbles, and are much simpler to make.

    Our ceramics are made of the same material as, for example, a coffee cup.

    Ceramics like this have a similar appearance to plaster, but they are very different.

  2. Are your products imported from overseas?

    No, they are handmade in Goulburn NSW.


  3. Is your stall available for hire?


    We participate in many different events, including agricultural shows, festivals, school fetes and markets.

    Many people also buy a supply of our ceramics and paints for their children's birtthday party. It gives the kids a great activity to do, sits them down for a while as they do it, and then they get to take a great item home with them.

    If you are interested in us participating in your event, please let us know via our Contact Us page.

  4. Are these products awesome?


    Are we biased? Maybe a little....:D

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